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Inspired by William Morris and the Arts & Crafts Movement

What is the Kelmscott Collective?

We’re a design & print company intent on making a difference. Quality is paramount and deadlines are sacrosanct. We believe that professional pride and personal integrity are more important than profit alone and underpin everything we do. From business cards to billboards, our work speaks for itself.

But just as important is our Social Mission – to make a positive impact, helping to build a fairer society through diversity and inclusion.

Traditional values hand-in-hand with today’s technology.

We’re committed to recycled, biodegradable and sustainably produced materials, whilst reducing waste with innovative packaging design.

Taking our recycling ideals to the logical next step has been the recent formation of a dedicated up-cycling carpentry division.

Printing with passion

We have a network of kindred spirits, trade suppliers with an outlook aligned to our own, with decades of printing know-how.

We are a wholly secular enterprise. Whilst we can respect other peoples’ faith and personal beliefs, we are neither supported by nor aligned with any religious organisations, political parties or the State.

Our inspiration

Victorian philanthropist and visionary, William Morris, was the founding father of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Morris was a social crusader who believed passionately in the nobility of labour and the inherent beauty of design and craftsmanship.

Despite changing styles and processes, we strongly believe that his core philosophy is just as relevant today.

“Nothing should be made which is not worth making, or which must be made by labour degrading to the makers”

William Morris

Profit for purpose

The Kelmscott Collective is a non profit making business called a Social Enterprise.   

Which means we have a social ethos and aim to benefit the local community. Net profit is used to support local community projects, good causes and various charities. Any surplus is reinvested back into the business rather than paid out as dividends to shareholders. 

For more information about social enterprises click to:

Doing our bit to help make a better world . . . by design.

More than just a print company…

Our newest venture is our up-cycling and creative woodwork studio.

By repairing, re-purposing or  re-using the raw materials, we turn the tired and unwanted into functional and desirable objects.

We take items destined for landfill and giving them a whole new lease of life.

getting to the heart of business

As with our print division, we provide training and employment opportunities for those previously marginalised from the workplace.

Helping young people to improve their skills and raise their aspirations towards a fulfilling career path and better life chances.

We believe that a sustainable local economy is integral to the fabric of a vibrant, flourishing society.

Sharing many of the same principles as his friends in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Morris influenced all aspects of creativity and craftsmanship: typeface design, stained glass, wallpaper, furniture, architecture and publishing.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris

community valued

We treat everybody equally, whatever gender, race, age or species!

The various clubs we help give youngsters a positive stake in the community.


“A great find – a great team”

“I was told about The Kelmscott Collective by a charity we support. I tried them with our stationery reprint because I liked their ethos, I’ve used them for all our printing ever since!”

Nigel, CEO – Client

“An essential part of the marketing mix”

“Most of our marketing is done online these day, but there’s still a need for quality print design and The Kelmscott Collective always produce the goods.”

Peter, Marketing Director – Client

“Another successful design project”

“We’ve just taken delivery of our latest catalogue, excellent standard throughout. The Kelmscott Collective will always go the extra mile.”

Linda, Marketing Manager – Client

“Generous with time as much as donations”

“The Kelmscott Collective is one of our vital regular contributors. In addition, and arguably of greater value is their time and professional expertise.”

Cheryl, Charity Trustee and Fundraiser – Hero

Please drop us a line if you’re

a print buyer looking for a competitive quote,

a community group in Beds, Bucks or Northants you feel we can help

or struggling to get onto the 1st rung of your career ladder   

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